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Cameron Carl

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Cyber analyst with 9+ years of experience with government and private security software contractors. Identified the 2018 Kluxnet virus, saving over 30,000 computers from destruction..

from Tokelau
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Application security
$ 34.00/hr
Seasoned application security engineer with 10+ years of experience in developing secure systems, analyzing networks for potential threats, and creating comprehensive risk mitigation plans. Certified CISSP holder looking to join ABC Company as the lead application security engineer to ensure that all applications are safe from any malicious activity or data breaches.
Cloud security
$ 38.00/hr
Seasoned Cloud Security Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the industry. Proven ability to secure cloud infrastructures and applications using industry-leading tools and best practices. Experienced in designing, implementing, and monitoring complex security solutions for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments.

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OWASP, NIST, CIS Vulnerability Assess Information Security Cybersecurity Manage Network Security Penetration Testing Web App Testing
Application security Cloud security
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Cyber Security Analyst ● Performed threat analysis in a 24/7 environment, mitigating and managing all threats and risks to the company and gaining 99% security in data. ● Supervised a team of 40 instructors to deliver company projects on time. ● Managed and created rules and policies for 17,000 end-users in the data protection area, DLP, facilitating the efficiency and ease of operations. ● Solely managed a comprehensive database of over 2,000,000 users, resulting in a significant increase in overall departmental performance. ● Identified over 350 new viruses and hidden malware in under three years, saving the entire company over 30,000 computers from destruction.
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Considered client concerns to determine the best method of defending WordPress sites from attack, maintaining overall data security of 95%. ● Scanned sites for malware and security risks regularly, saving over 5,00 computers from unwanted and unwarranted threats and destruction. ● Quarantined and removed any security issues found to ensure security. ● Successfully secured and monitored over 50 websites with 0 major attacks utilizing skills, expertise, and proficiency in cybersecurity and safety.
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