Personality Trainer Required

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Personality as a whole
Need a guy to work on my interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills.
Need to build confidence, have good body language and good vocab.

Special instructions

Should show successful clients
Price mentioned is hourly

Task info

  • Offer price $29.00
  • Bidding Close by 06/06/2020 11:14
  • When do you want this task done 16/06/2020 11:14
  • City for the task Vancouver
  • Task Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Tasker Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Category of the task Personality Trainer
  • Reimbursements $6.00

Tasker Requirements

  • Age > 20
  • Gender Doesn't matter
  • City Doesn't matter


  • Customer
  • Artist

Selena Gillispee From:  Vancouver
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