Voice Modulation and Public Speaking Coach

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In Dire need of a voice and public speaking trainer/coach to work with/on me for a month and half.
General quick personal learning anecdotes
My Tone quality

Special instructions

Must be a certified notable public speaker with projects held before in the government.
Illinois certified person please

Task info

  • Offer price $400.00
  • Bidding Close by 07/09/2020 15:04
  • When do you want this task done 21/09/2020 15:04
  • City for the task Vancouver
  • Task Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Tasker Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Category of the task Voice Modulation / Speech
  • Reimbursements $80.00

Tasker Requirements

  • Age > 20
  • Gender Doesn't matter
  • City Doesn't matter


  • Customer
  • Artist

Selena Gillispee From:  Vancouver
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